G&B Manchester Homes – North

Type of Work: Design & Site Preparation
Project Year: 2019
Project Type: Residential Homes

The client wanted us to come on board with our expert knowledge of the industry and current trends to complete this residential home project. Each Home had to be not only Re-Vamped in terms of aesthetics but structurally too. Lay outs needed to be changed and we also completed their hard and soft landscaping. Our Design team pride themselves on being current with the times if not pro-active. We strive to give our clients that little extra which gives them the notoriety that they deserve. We believe in being different and not run of the mill. Our Design and Executions clearly shows this. The team had to think carefully in terms of Storage solutions, space management and how to maximise existing features to their full potential.

Design Process Summary

  • Generating a concept Brainstorm
  • Preliminary research
  • Site analysis, site visit with our designer to do a ‘SWOT’ analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Refining ideas through visual exploration
  • Preparing concept designs and layouts detailing design direction(s)
  • Setting preliminary specifications for typography and graphic elements such as photography, illustration, charts or graphs, icons, or symbols
  • Presenting design brief and layouts for client consideration
  • Refining design and comprehensive layouts
  • Getting client approval of layouts and text
  • 3D Modelling

Site Preparation Summary

  • Site clearance/demolition and Graded ground works
  • Soil Testing and Site Survey/Investigation
  • Site Build Preparation