G&B Manchester Homes – North

Type of Work: Design
Project Year: 2019
Project Type: Residential Homes

This project involved us working with our client to Re-Vamp and restructure a set of Terraced homes. Each House had to be gutted and full redesigned. These were family Homes, so our team made sure to maximise on this. Creating safe spaces for children to move around. Hard and soft scaping the garden and drive. Re – adjusting the kitchen and bathroom fits. Creating security around each property. Giving each one its unique look. Ensuring appropriate privacy was implemented in the Garden fencing. This project had a very short time scale, so our team had to be forward thinking and get the job done yesterday! Your time is our time so we respect your wishes and will work to our best capabilities to ensure your deadlines are not only met but surpassed.

Design Process Summary

  • Generating a concept Brainstorm
  • Preliminary research
  • Site analysis, site visit with our designer to do a ‘SWOT’ analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  • Refining ideas through visual exploration
  • Preparing concept designs and layouts detailing design direction(s)
  • Setting preliminary specifications for typography and graphic elements such as photography, illustration, charts or graphs, icons, or symbols
  • Presenting design brief and layouts for client consideration
  • Refining design and comprehensive layouts
  • Getting client approval of layouts and text
  • 3D Modelling