There are a few key points that need to be taken into careful consideration when specifying a curtain walling/cladding system. Due care and consideration should be made to the client/employer’s requirements for the building, its end use and overall budget for the envelope enclosure of the building. Selection of materials should be made to meet the specified performance criteria. All laws and legislations must be followed, and everything must be double, triple checked and verified. Without this, the project will suffer not only time issues, but budget issues too. G&B work thoroughly so rest assured we have got it covered. Your peace of mind is what we strive for.

Strength and structural movements: Wind loads; Live and dead loads; Imposed loads by adjacent structures; Thermal stress, Health and safety, including Construction (Design and Management) Regulations requirements and risk assessments: Human impact, to meet Building Regulations requirements; Containment, such as Barriers; post-failure behaviour, such as Overhead Glazing, Security, Acoustics, Fire Environmental (to control thermal radiation and heat transfer by convection and conduction): Control of heat loss (by insulated glass units and metal panels); Control of solar heat gain (for example, using coated or tinted glass); control of UV (using laminated glass with polyvinyl butyral interlayers), Appearance: Colour, Reflectivity.

Quality requirements: Control of impurities (such as nickel sulphide inclusions in glass); Visual defects; Edge damage; Tolerances; Flatness; Durability; Finishes (such as Anodising/Powder coatings).

The specification should include the following minimum performance criteria to enable G&B to prepare a compliant tender for the cladding:

  • Acoustic performance
  • Fire rating
  • Durability requirements for primary and secondary components.

Installation of the proposed cladding system will be carried out by our professionally trained and qualified personnel.