Chartered Surveyor

Chartered Surveyor

G&B chartered surveyors assess the value and condition of your physical assets, like a house or a construction project and will help plan the creation of a new development. They will also advise you on obtaining planning permission, renovating a property, or environmental issues. All of our Chartered Surveyors are part of a professional body, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, RICS.

A Chartered surveyor is called upon if you wanted a valuation for a future or existing project or renovation. Surveyors can value land, buildings, or machinery; normally choosing to specialise in one area of work. For example, a rural surveyor would value a farm and its assets, whereas a building surveyor might value an urban apartment complex. In addition to this, we can give assistance to companies or individuals at the design and implementation stages of a construction project, suggesting how to maximise the land available and helping consult with the planning authorities.

We can also assess the condition of an existing building or site and produce a report for our clients, detailing problems (including structural or environmental), potential solutions and their costs.

Using our qualified chartered surveyor means that you are getting a professional opinion on an important and expensive investment like an asset.

The experience and expertise of our chartered surveyors mean they will conduct a more thorough and accurate investigation than anyone else can, which in turn means that you get the best advice on how to act – very important when you consider the huge value of properties nowadays. Our surveyor will also have access to services and information such as details of rights of way, affecting a property.